10 Inexpensive Plants That Will Make Your Garden Pop 

Other self-seeding annuals like Cleome return year after year without your help. Spiderflower grows 4 feet tall or more and has big pink, purple, or white flowers.   


Celosia is another prolific self-seeder that nests in your garden year after year. Count yourself lucky—this plant's bright blossoms are delightful.  


Many gardeners love lilies for their beautiful blossoms. They are colorful and joyful, coming in pink, purple, red, orange, and yellow.  


Sweet Autumn Clematis grows quickly and blooms white star-shaped flowers in late summer and early fall. Silvery seedheads follow aromatic blooms.  

Sweet Autumn Clemati

Jerusalem Artichoke is neither from Jerusalem nor an artichoke. Roots of this perennial sunflower are tasty. Because it invades fields, some call it a weed.  

Jerusalem Artichoke

The castor bean plant adds tropical flair to chilly areas. It grows 8–10 feet in one season as an annual outside Zones 9–11.  

Castor Bean Plant

From silvery white to sandy tan, Pampas grass' late summer flower plumes are stunning. Cut the plumes or leave them for winter interest.  

Pampas Grass

Rather than being overshadowed by other plants, laminium stands out from many other groundcover plants with its striking beauty.  


Helenium requires little staking and grows 3–5 feet tall with sturdy stems. Early summer pruning can shorten and bushify plants.  


Chrysanthemum reigns in the fall garden due of its vibrant colors—yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, and white.   


Stella D’Oro Daylily Is a Resilient Garden Star 

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