10 Questions About Hummingbird Feeders Answered by Experts 

Sweetening your recipe mixture is unnecessary when hummingbirds arrive in spring. 1 cup white granulated sugar and 4 cups water is always recommended.   

Fill a Hummingbird Feeder with What?  

Most hummingbirds aren't choosy, so the best feeder is easy to fill, clean, and hang. Classic glass bottles that thread into plastic basins work wonderfully.   

The Best Hummingbird Feeders?  

Pure white table sugar is safest for mixing hummingbird nectar. Many consider organic sugar, which isn't pure sucrose, dangerous for birds.  

Is Organic Hummingbird Feeder Sugar Better?  

The birds don't need red colouring, and colourless sugar water is easy to monitor for freshness. Fill feeders halfway and clean them before refilling to avoid mould.  

Preventing Mould in Hummingbird Feeders?  

Since hummingbirds hover low in front of flowers, feeders don't need to be tall. Just set the feeder where it's visible and enjoyable!  

Hummingbird feeder placement?  

Although only hummingbirds are nectar specialists in North America, many birds try it. House finches may visit hummingbird feeders after learning to drink.  

Finches Visit Hummingbird Feeders Why?  

We appreciate your concern, however hummingbirds are flexible and can find new homes. In nature, flower concentrations can fluctuate.  

Will Feeders Dependence Hummingbirds?  

Hummingbirds instinctively protect their food sources since a patch of flowers only produces so much nectar per day. Small birds are defensive at fake feeders.  

Hummingbird territoriality?  

Energy conservation is odd in hummingbirds. Torpor, a deep sleep-like state, occurs at night, during cold weather, and sometimes at feeders.  

Reasons Hummingbirds Hang Upside Down at Feeders  

Males and females like similar things, thus other factors may be involved. Your male hummingbirds may have territories distant from feeders and flowers, so you don't see them much.  

Male hummingbirds never visit my feeders. Why?  

Will a Praying Mantis Eat a Hummingbird? 

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