5 Basil Varieties For Your Herb Garden 

Global cuisine uses basil, a common herb. Fresh basil is usually used in recipes because dried basil loses flavor quickly.  

Typical basil for Italian dishes, pesto, and more. The stem and large, bright green cup-shaped leaves are green. Sometimes called Italian or Genovese basil.  

Sweet Basil 

Thai basil and others are sweet basil cultivars. It's been grown for ages to have a distinct anise or licorice flavor.   

Thai Basil 

Cinnamon basil is another sweet basil variety with cinnamon undertones. It complements citrus fruits and is utilized in Indian and Asian cuisine.  

Cinnamon Basil  

Sweet basil produces all basil kinds. Lime basil tastes like citrus and is a distinct species. Lemon Basil tastes citrusy.   

Lime or Lemon Basil 

Holy basil, known as tulasi in India, has several benefits worldwide. In India, it's mostly utilized medicinally, in religious rites, or as tea.  

Holy Basil 

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