Growing Orchids: Oncidium, or Dancing Lady 

After growing phaelanopsis and dendrobium orchids, you may be ready to try ondidium orchids, or "Dancing Ladies."  

One New World orchid, Oncidium, grows across South and Central America and the West Indies, including South Florida.   

Late summer or early fall brings dozens of blooms on many stalks that endure months. They grow new leaves after blooming.   

Dancing Lady orchids prefer moderate humidity and warmth. Their ideal daytime temperature is 80 degrees F with 40% humidity.  

Growing orchids in this family may be possible if you keep oncidiums in a warm area with extra humidity.  

Oncidiums handle direct light better than other orchids. They thrive in east or west windows, but a translucent curtain might soften the light.  

Correctly watering oncidiums is difficult. They are prone to root rot, so like other orchids, never leave them in water.  

Fast-draining potting medium is needed for orchids. Special orchid mixes with bark, sphagnum moss, and other loose fillers work well.   

Let faded flowers fall naturally. Don't remove the flower spike until it's dry and brown. Although pot-bound, oncidiums may need repotting every two years.  

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