5 hot-hued flowers that hummingbirds will love 

Bee balm grows to four feet and blooms in midsummer. Powdery mildew-prone plants need water, sun, and air movement.  

Cardinal flowers are crimson like Roman Catholic cardinals' robes and have tall, stalk-like stalks. The plant likes moisture and needs mulch in summer to stay wet.  

Zizanias develop pom-pom-like flowers easily from seeds: Nobody needs starter sets or indoor-growing time. Birds and Blooms found that hummingbirds prefer its easy-to-use blooms.  

The zinnia's hundreds of variations and colours make it desirable. The plant likes water, but keep it on the soil to avoid fungal diseases on the zinnia.  

All hummingbirds like salvia, regardless of variety. Perfect tube-like blooms allow birds to simply slip their beak into them and receive their daily nectar.  

Maintain the bleeding heart plant tenderly, since it thrives in partial shade and well-drained, wet soil.Bleeding hearts can acquire root rot, which will harm your landscape.  

Hummingbird season is starting in Louisiana. Here’s how to attract the birds to your yard. 

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