6 Tips for Watering Container Gardens 

According to University of Illinois Extension horticulture professor Andrew Holsinger, container drainage is as crucial as water volume.   

Potted garden soil won't drain well. Select potting mixes with vermiculite or perlite for drainage. A healthy compost balance provides plant nutrients.  

Soil Type Matter

The plants you intend to grow determine your container. Many containers can grow vegetables and herbs, but size matters.   

Pick the Right Container

Potting mix in clay, cloth, and unglazed ceramic containers dries up faster than in plastic or glazed pots, so water plants often.   

Container Material

Maintain daily container checks. After half the moisture evaporates, most plants need water. Do not wait till the earth is dry.  

How Often to Water?

Self-watering containers have a reservoir to reduce watering. Container plants receive the correct amount of water using drip irrigation.  

Automatic Watering Option

Mulching a container's top reduces watering. “Mulch reduces evaporation, even in container plantings,” explains Holsinger.   

Prevent Water Loss With Mulch

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