8 Easy-to-Grow Plants to Add Color to Your Shade Garden 

Azaleas are one of the best shade shrubs for garden color due to its funnel-shaped white, crimson, and pink blooms and bright green evergreen foliage.  


These plants' lovely blossoms and lustrous, deep green foliage make them ideal shade container plants. The stunning, deeply veined foliage of some begonias is green, pink, purple, or white.  


When unsure, embrace fern. Fern fronds offer texture and color to shaded corners. Nephrolepis exaltata 'Bostoniensis' is Southern favorite.   

Boston Fern 

Due to their thick, rich, evergreen leaves, these hedging shrubs make superb borders and privacy plants.  


Cast iron plant is ideal for novice gardeners and thrives in shadow. They thrive indoors and out, even when neglected.  

Cast Iron Plant 

Creeping fig grows in sun or shade. Evergreen vines can be grown inside with wet soil. This lovely green climber sometimes covers fences and rock walls.   

Creeping Fig 

Lysimachia nummularia, or creeping Jenny, is a brilliant green groundcover that spreads swiftly over garden walls, pavers, and containers in sun or shade.  

Creeping Jenny 

Columbine grows in part sun or shade and produces nodding, bi-colored flowers in spring. The flowers attract hummingbirds. Extreme heat dormantizes this perennial.  


Plants that thrive in shade have fragile, fluttering blossoms. They suit rock gardens and low-light environments.   


These spectacular plants grow towering spikes of spotted, bell-shaped blooms in shade with frequent water. Foxgloves bloom late spring or summer in their second year.  


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