8 Frequently Asked Questions About Feeding Hummingbirds 

Since hummingbirds hover low in front of flowers, feeders don't need to be tall. Just set the feeder where it's visible and enjoyable!   

Hummingbirds instinctively protect their food sources since a patch of flowers only produces so much nectar per day. Small birds are defensive at fake feeders.  

Place a hummingbird nectar feeder near your garden's colourful flowers. It should be easy to attract hummingbirds to your garden with this target area.  

Because of their various benefits, we'd choose to plant flowers. A native plant flower garden with a range of species that bloom in the warmer months will support butterflies, bees, and other pollinators.  

We understand your concern, however hummingbirds are adaptive and can find new homes. Flowers' concentrations may alter in nature.  

Low sugar-to-water ratios may assist. Replace 4 to 1 with 5 to 1 water-to-sugar. Cleaning feeding ports of spills is important.

We have some ideas but need to see the feeders. Bees only visit feeders with sugar water conveniently located, especially if it leaks or spills.  

Little insects and spiders are fed to hummingbird chicks. They place them in their newborn hummingbirds' mouths. 

Hummingbird Eyes Can See More Colors Than Humans 

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