8 Hummingbird Characteristics That Birders Love 

Summer mornings on my deck are when I wear a floral kimono. I've seen hummingbirds close. Those early visits are great, but no nectar!” comments Vestal, New York Birds & Blooms reader Caitlyn Suchy.  

They're tiny but strong. They don't tolerate bigger birds' misbehaviour, explains Carolyn Terlouw of Ajax, Ontario.  

Hummingbirds are dreamlike. Shawna Fitzsimmons of East Nassau, New York, feels blessed to catch another sight.  

Hummingbird wings making the ‘zoom zoom’ sound is one of my favourite traits. As I pluck weeds in my flower garden, I'll hear it above me.  

I always compete with my hubby to see the first hummingbird of the year. “I love how something so small brings so much joy,” says Joliet resident Tracy McCullum.  

Hummingbirds arrive when the weather finally warms. I enjoy seeing these precious tiny creatures blissfully flutter from feeder to feeder.   

Love hummingbird curiosity. A hummer stops midair to study me while I'm gardening alone. Cool, huh? Kathy Eppers of Aledo, Texas.  

My garden has dazzling diamonds! I love how Anna's male matches my natural red-flowering currant bush's spring colours!  

Clarice McKenney of Bonners Ferry, Idaho, says the jewel colours of all three species of our hummingbirds outweigh my garden flowers every year.  

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