Expert Garden Advice on Rabbit Resistant Flowers

Are rabbits consuming all of your flowers? The greatest flowers and repellents for rabbits can be found here, according to an expert. 

Rabbits ate all my marigolds. Can you suggest rabbit-resistant, colorful, long-blooming flowers? Peggy Connors, Newton, NH reports.

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Seeing animals devour your flowers might be frustrating! Many want rabbit-resistant flower gardens.

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I hesitate to call any plant bunny-resistant since rabbit eating habits differ when populations are high and food is low. If rabbits devour a plant, color is removed from diversity.

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Plants that repel rabbits differ. Rabbit-resistant plants include ageratum, cleome, flowering tobacco, snapdragons, and verbenas  Red trillium, pasque flower, wild petunia. Zinnias are rabbit-resistant and sensitive.

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Gardening away works too. Grow veggies and flowers in containers on a porch or deck to deter rabbits. A ground-mounted 4-foot wire fence with a gate works too. Bury the bottom 6 inches to deter rabbits.

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Before rabbits or other animals eat, use homemade or commercial repellents for better results. Use rain- and snow-resistant products like Plantskydd to extend application intervals.

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