Grow a Cutting Garden for Beautiful Bouquets 

A popular hobby that had a sharp increase in popularity in the early days of the epidemic is cultivating cut flowers, and this trend seems set to continue.  

In contrast, the goal of a cut-flower garden is to give its owner a constant supply of flowers that can be gathered and used for floral displays.  

Cut-flower gardens can be beautiful, but that's not their main purpose. Jamie suggests planting a cut-flower garden in a hidden location to do this.  

Jamie prefers “cut and come again” blooms, which for the beginning grower are “annual types of flowers or flowers that can be planted multiple times throughout the season, as they give you the most reward for your effort.  

Sunlight and water are the most crucial factors in cut-flower bed design. Plan carefully because Jamie says most easy-to-cut flowers thrive in full or nearly full sunlight.  

I hate watering, so installing a drip irrigation system in our garden beds that waters everything on a timer has made it so much easier,” Kate explains.   

In water, bypass blades make a clean cut that lets the blossom drink.” Jamie recommends harvesting or arranging at an angle to provide the largest surface area for water absorption.  

Fresh flowers, naturally. Jamie has several favourite ways to use fresh flowers. I like a couple stems on my kitchen windowsill or vases with one variety.   

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