Peony Meaning: Discover the Symbolism Behind the Flower 

Most gardeners associate peonies with spring. Due to their extensive history, peonies have had many meanings across countries and time.  

So if you see someone with a peony tattoo, where you are may tell you what it means. However, some peony interpretations are ubiquitous.  

In addition to spring, peonies symbolise femininity and weddings. Peonies can symbolise shyness, happiness, love, shame, and more in floriography.  

Gardeners love peonies for their low-maintenance and stunning blooms. However, China has cultivated them for more than beauty.  

Tree peony' roots, bark, seeds, and blooms have been used to alleviate muscle cramps, headaches, and dry skin. Peonies are still used medicinally.  

Chinese mythology features them. An empress waiting for spring blossoms orders all adjacent flowers to bloom.  

Greek mythology features peonies as well as East Asian icons. One tale claims that Paeon, an Asclepius student, healed Hades using a peony root.  

In a different rendition, Paeon is shown utilising a peony root from Mount Olympus to ease a woman's labour pains.

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