Homemade PVC Bird Feeder 

Birds love PVC pipes and old plates as dining tables! With leftover bathroom remodelling materials, I constructed this bird feeder.   

– Short length of wide PVC pipe  – Eyebolt, nut and 2 washers  – Bread plate and saucer – Primer – Acrylic or spray paint – Finishing spray – Adhesive – Sandpaper – Drill and tile drill bit – Jigsaw


A jigsaw should cut the pipe 3 inches shorter than the eyebolt. Four triangles should be cut from the bottom of the bird seed discharge pipe.  

Sand the cuts and pipe before priming. Prime and dry the exterior. Get creative and customise your pipe!  

The possibilities are endless: spray paint, stencils, paint pens, etc. Each paint layer should dry. Spray finishing spray on your dry design.  

Drill a bolt-sized hole in the centre of the bread plate and saucer using a tile drill bit. Drill slowly with light pressure to avoid plate shattering.  

Use adhesive to secure saucer to pipe top and allow it to dry. Fasten the bolt through the saucer and washer.   

Add seed to pipe and attach bread plate with nut and washer. Flip it, hang it, and enjoy with flying pals!  

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