Hummingbird Food: Sugar Water for Hummingbirds 101 

Though hummingbirds like red, pure sugar water works fine—no dye. The birds will locate your feeders. Even though every bird expert agrees that red dye is unnecessary, people add it to sugar water.  

Hummingbird sugar water spoils unless you have a busy feeder that the birds quickly empty. You should change it every few days or sooner if it's heated.  

In late February or March, hummingbirds reach the Gulf Coast. They reach northern states around mid-May. To migrate south in late summer and early fall, hummingbirds need food.  

Hummingbird food attracts them because of their sweet tooth. Your hummingbird habitat will start quickly with a sugar water feeder.   

Hummingbirds can be territorial in summer, so offering multiple feeders will assist. Add another sugar water feeder in late summer when migration rises.   

Sugar water attracts yellow jackets and ants. Install nectar guard tips or ant moats to deter them. To keep bees away, put feeders in shadier areas.  

Using real white sugar in your hummingbird feeders is always the finest option. Brown sugar and sugar substitutes are out.  

Honey is the most popular substitute for sugar in the inventive ways that some people like to sweeten sugar water for hummingbirds.   

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