Rare White Hummingbirds Dazzle Bird-watchers 

Their velocity and speed through flowers delight birds, sparkling like gemstones in the bright sunlight. However, seeing a white hummingbird is unforgettable.  

White hummingbirds aren't a species, although their condition can make them leucistic or albino.   

He adds scientists believe a white hummingbird's snowy feathers are due to heredity, development, or food. Finally, scientists are often stumped.  

It can be hard to tell why a white hummingbird is white, Kevin says. “We know it concerns pigment development and deposition throughout the body.”  

Kevin says females with light feathers may be more vulnerable to nest predation. Males lacking a vivid gorget may have trouble finding mates.  

He says hummingbirds focus on male show. Without costumes, lights, and showy colours, you'd better be a fantastic dancer.  

Hummingbirds convey their all-white hue to their progeny depending on its source. Kevin claims a genetic flaw for melanin deficiency can be passed down.  

Beyond locating mates and avoiding predators, white feathers may disadvantage birds. Kevin says melanin is needed for feather structure and support, which white hummingbirds lack.   

Birding experts Kenn and Kimberly Kaufman say, “Every year there are a few reports of partly or mostly white hummingbirds. 

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