Where Do Hummingbirds Migrate in Winter? 

Ruby-throated hummingbirds, the only species found in the eastern US, migrate around late August. By late October, they leave their nests.  

Eastern birds struggle with the Gulf of Mexico because flying across a big expanse of water requires no respite. Ruby-throats fly over the Gulf to Central America, while some fly thousands of kilometres around it.  

Ruby-throats travel in 18 hours, faster than if they took a coastal detour. They fill up and gain weight before their solo flights.   

Boats are used to rest if they get fatigued. These travellers may be seen on the Gulf Coast in September or March. They return in northern states and Canada in May.  

The Rufous hummingbird has one of the longest migratory routes for its size. Some rufous hummingbirds fly 4,000 kilometres from Alaska to Mexico!  

Now, some rufous are spending the winter in coastal states in the South-east, such as Florida and Alabama. Usually, this species migrates from and to Mexico.   

In addition to covering great distances during migration, calliope hummingbirds winter in Mexico and go as far north as Canada for breeding.  

In addition, the Gulf States may see broad-tailed and black-chinned western hummingbirds in the fall and winter.  

Most, however, go to Mexico for the winter. Along the Pacific Coast, Anna's hummingbirds remain present all year round, even during the winter.   

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